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“The process of enlightenment is a dynamic evolving activity and not a fixed state of attachment, as many conceive of it to be. The practice of yoga requires an open fluid and sensitive mind, which should not be confused with an emotional mind.”

Sundernath – (Shandor Remete). 2006:15

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a comprehensive system that promotes the skilful application of the breath, body and mind in order to overcome individual habits and restrictions that suppress our latent potential. The cultivation of a steady and persistent yoga practice propagates self-awareness, discrimination and a steady platform for change. This mindful awareness allows physical and mental patterns to be revealed. Over time, with patience and skilful application, habits are gradually overcome, to reveal ability and utilise aptitude.

Shadow Yoga

Shadow Yoga is a school of Hatha Yoga established by Sundernath (Shandor Remete). This system includes a set of preparatory joint movements, especially recommended for the beginner and a series of fixed forms or preludes. These preludes cultivate stability, stamina, softness and internal strength. These fixed forms prepare the body, breath and intelligence for asana.

The name Shadow Yoga is taken from the description of the layers or ‘koshas ‘, which make up an individual body. These layers correlate to the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, intellectual and bliss principles. These layers hinder light and produce shadows through the attachment of the individual to these various qualities. These attachments obstruct a clear perception of oneself causing confusion and dissipation. Shadow Yoga provides the means to identify and engage with these obstructions.

“It should be borne in mind however,
that the shadows hidden in the deeper recesses require
correspondingly much closer observation.” 

Sundernath – (Shandor Remete). 2006:15

The preludes

– Step to Strength

This form builds strength in the legs, particularly the lower legs and feet. Stances articulate the connection between the core, legs and feet. The pumping movements engage the breath, build stamina and cultivate balance.

Chaya Yodda Sancalanam
Yoking the Shadow Warrior

This form demands increased co-ordination between the movement of the limbs and the flow of breath. The sequence includes forward bending movements that lengthen and refine the breath. This facilitates a deeper understanding of the rhythms of movement and energy.

Kartikkeya Mandalam
Garland of Light

The third prelude works with twisting and spiraling movements, which release deeper restrictions in the hips and shoulders. The movements require a strong core, co-ordination and rhythm.

All the Preludes conclude with Sun Salutations.

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