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Paulene Morphett

Paulene Morphett is the founder of and primary teacher at Dalston Yoga. She was introduced to yoga whilst at university, has been practicing steadily for 30 years and teaching for the last sixteen. During this time Paulene has studied with a number of teachers and explored different styles of Hatha Yoga. In 2001 Paulene was introduced to Shadow Yoga by John Evans and Karen Watson at Islington Yoga, completing her teacher training with them in 2004. Paulene continues to study Shadow Yoga with Sundernath (Shandor Remete) and Emma Balnaves.

Shadow Yoga has deeply informed Paulene’s practice of yoga and inspired her to explore yogic texts which has provided an understanding of the lineage of yoga and nourished a broader interest in transformation through movement and stillness. Paulene is an intuitive and empathic teacher who can work with diverse range of students.




Individual tuition

Paulene teaches Individual and Corporate classes in offices within zones one – three.

Please contact Paulene for information about availability and class prices.